gafferctl can be used to run any command listed below. For example, you can get a list of all processes templates:

$ gafferctl processes

gafferctl is an HTTP client able to connect to a UNIX pipe or a tcp connection and connect to a gaffer node. It is using the httpclient module to do it.

You can create your own client either by using the client API provided in the httpclient module or by reading the doc here and passing your own message to the gaffer node. All messages are encoded in JSON.



$ gafferctl help
usage: gafferctl [--version] [--connect=<endpoint>]
                 [--certfile] [--keyfile]
                 <command> [<args>]

    add             Increment the number of OS processes
    add_process     Add a process to monitor
    del_process     Get a process description
    get_process     Fetch a process template
    help            Get help on a command
    kill            Send a signal to a process
    load_process    Load a process from a file
    numprocesses    Number of processes that should be launched
    pids            Get launched process ids for a process template
    processes       Add a process to monitor
    running         Number of running processes for this process description
    start           Start a process
    status          Return the status of a process
    stop            Stop a process
    sub             Decrement the number of OS processes
    update_process  Update a process description

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