The gaffer command line tool is an interface to the gaffer HTTP api and include support for loading/unloading Procfile applications, scaling them up and down, ... .

It can also be used as a manager for Procfile-based applications similar to foreman but using the gaffer framework. It is running your application directly using a Procfile or export it to a gafferd configuration file or simply to a JSON file that you could send to gafferd using the HTTP api.

Example of use

For example using the following Procfile:

dummy: python -u
dummy1: python -u

You can launch all the programs in this procfile using the following command line:

$ gaffer start

Or load them on a gaffer node:

$ gaffer load

and then scale them up and down:

$ gaffer scale dummy=3 dummy1+2
Scaling dummy processes... done, now running 3
Scaling dummy1 processes... done, now running 3

Command line usage

$ gaffer
usage: gaffer [options] command [args]

manage Procfiles applications.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        Specify the number of each process type to run. The
                        value passed in should be in the format
  -e ENVS [ENVS ...], --env ENVS [ENVS ...]
                        Specify one or more .env files to load
  -f FILE, --procfile FILE
                        Specify an alternate Procfile to load
  -d ROOT, --directory ROOT
                        Specify an alternate application root. This defaults
                        to the directory containing the Procfile
  --endpoint ENDPOINT   Gaffer node URL to connect
  --version             show program's version number and exit


    start   Start a process
    run     Run one-off command
    export  Export a Procfile
    load    Load a Procfile application to gafferd
    unload  Unload a Procfile application to gafferd
    scale   Scaling your process
    ps      List your process informations
    help    Get help on a command

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