Watch changes in gaffer

This command allows you to watch changes n a locla or remote gaffer node.


HTTP Message

HTTP/1.1 GET /watch/<p1>[/<p2>/<p3>]

It accepts the following query parameters:

  • feed : continuous, longpoll, eventsource
  • heartbeat: true or seconds, send an empty line each sec (if true 60)


$ curl ""
event: exit
data: {"os_pid": 3492, "exit_status": 0, "pid": 1, "event": "exit", "term_signal": 0, "name": "priority0"}
event: exit
event: proc.priority0.exit

The path passed can be any accepted patterns by the manager :

  • create will become
  • proc.dummy will become


Accepted genetic patterns

Patterns Description
create to follow all templates creattion
start start all processes in a tpl
stop all processes in a tpl are stopped
restart restart all processes in a tpl
update update a tpl (can happen on add/sub)
delete a template has been removed
spawn a new process is spawned
reap a process is reaped
exit a process exited
stop_pid a process has been stopped
proc.<name>.start process template with <name> start
proc.<name>.stop process template with <name> stop
proc.<name>.stop_pid a process from <name> is stopped
proc.<name>.spawn a process from <name> is spawned
proc.<name>.exit a process from <name> exited
proc.<name>.reap a process from <name> has been reaped

Command line:

gafferctl watch <p1>[.<p2>.<p3>]


<p1[2,3]> are the parts of the parttern separrated with a ‘.’ .


  • heartbeat: by default true, can be an int
  • colorize: by default true: colorize the output

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