Command LineΒΆ

Gaffer is a process management framework but also a set of command lines tools allowing yout to manage on your machine or a cluster. All the command line tools are obviously using the framework.

gaffer`is an interface to the :doc:`gaffer HTTP api and inclusde support for loading/unloadin apps, scaling them up and down, ... . It can also be used as a manager for Procfile-based applications similar to foreman but using the gaffer framework. It is running your application directly using a Procfile or export it to a gafferd configuration file or simply to a JSON file that you could send to gafferd using the HTTP api.

Gafferd is a server able to launch and manage processes. It can be controlled via the HTTP api. It is controlled by gafferctl and can be used to handle many processes.

The tool Gafferctl allows you to control a local or remote gafferd node via the HTTP API. You can show processes informations, add new processes, changes their configureation, get changes on the nodes in rt ....

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