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Application deployement, monitoring and supervision made simple.

Gaffer is a set of Python modules and tools to easily maintain and interact with your applications.


  • Framework to manage and interact your processes

  • Fully evented. Use the libuv event loop using the pyuv library

  • Server and Command Line tools to manage your processes

  • Procfile applications support (see Gaffer)

  • HTTP Api (multiple binding, unix sockets & HTTPS supported)

  • Flapping: handle cases where your processes crash too much

  • Possibility to interact with STDIO:
    • websocket stream to write to stdin and receive from stdout (muliple clients can read and write at the same time)
    • subscribe on stdout/stderr feed via longpolling, continuous stream, eventsource or websockets
    • write your own client/server using the framework
  • Subscribe to process statistics per process or process templates and get them in quasi RT.

  • Easily extensible: add your own endpoint, create your client, embed gaffer in your application, ...

  • Compatible with python 2.6x, 2.7x, 3.x


gaffer source code is hosted on Github

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